The Fourth Edition: Fluidity

The Nuances of Language: Editor’s Edition

Word choice, brevity, and word placement are three different topics that we have already tackled in this series of articles. But they are simply parts of something more general: fluidity. A piece of writing, no matter the genre or purpose, should have a general sense of flow if a smooth transition between words is linguistically impossible. But a smooth flow is always recommended. And I’m not just talking about rhythm or a pattern or the general feel of your writing.

Rhythm can indeed affect flow. Patterns can help the reader transition between words. Feel can provide a general sense of direction. But those aren’t the only aspects or factors that affect flow.

A good writer has to make their story flow smoothly. It isn’t something that pops up in your writing. You have to work hard to create it. Obstructions of flow are sometimes inevitable.

Impediments are what obstruct flow.

Bad writing.

This is the most common obstruction to smooth reading. It includes spelling errors, misplaced, incorrect, or the lack of punctuation itself, and incorrect contractions.

Word choice.

Yes, word choice directly affects the flow of your writing. An incorrectly placed word can confuse and might detract the reader from the story for a moment, which, given the average attention span of a person, might directly detract them from completing your writing.


Redundant words and phrases, as well as responses that simply repeat the question(see below), create impediments in the story.

“Did you take out the trash?”

Yes, I took out the trash.


An abrupt change in setting or an inconsistent order of events, including timeline, can impede the smooth transition of the reader from one part of your story to the next.

You can always write with freedom. You don’t have to rein in loose ideas and bad sentence structure. Sometimes, letting yourself toss words into your writing achieves just the flow you need and want.

Let go. There might be good that comes out of it.

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