“The Crop Duster’s Daughter” Presents a Passionate and Enthralling Historical Memoir

In the 1990s, success was a rare accomplishment for females as most commendable activities were honored to males. On the other hand, when women try to expand their capacity to do a man’s job, mockery and negative criticism are what they receive instead.

Existing as a woman in this world full of prejudice is a suffocating situation for female human beings. Society, an aggregation of people composed of different genders, still urges women to act in accordance with the traditional and established conformity. Societal standards are the shared standards of acceptable behavior from each group in society. Some established standards tend to separate a woman who defies the norms. Sadly, these are still present nowadays.

However, it takes a step from an empowered woman to stand on her grounds for what the women’s community deserves to have. A privilege that not only men can benefit from but also from women. Equity instead of equality.

A woman born in December 1918 and a single mother of four children is one of the women who broke the gender stereotype in handling a man-associated job. Rhonda Colia’s book entitled The Crop Duster’s Daughter is about her mother, an aviator who has built her aircraft. Rhonda’s mother has marked her devotion to her chosen field as a flight instructor to young men during World War II.

This historical memoir of Rhonda’s mother unveils her enthralling life story as she struggles to make way for women in breaking the notion of being ‘just a woman.’ This late female aviator has showcased her persistence in pursuing her passion for her job.

As a quote goes from Eleanor Roosevelt, “Women are like teabags. We don’t know our true strength until we are in hot water.” The analogy of women and teabags in this quote shows coherence in the noble life of Rhonda Colia’s mother.

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About the Author

Rhonda Ann Colia is the youngest among her four siblings. She is happily married to the man of her dreams and living a life of contentment with her independent grown-up children of three: a daughter and two stepchildren. She grew up helping her mother load the spray rig with water and chemical mixes so her mom could spray the crops of grateful farmers. Rhonda continues pursuing her writing career and looks forward to publishing her first novel of three.

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