“The Crop Duster’s Daughter” A Collective Accomplishment With My Beloved Folks

I started this journey with one thought in my mind: to showcase the values instilled in me by my late beloved mother. One noteworthy advice she imparted to me was that I could achieve everything I aim for if I never gave up. I had seen her struggle as she navigated through life like a protagonist in her own story. Despite being battled and bruised, she still managed to maneuver herself out of every strain she faced.

This book has been made possible through the collaborative efforts of my beloved folks and me. The ride has been a blast from the beginning until the end.

The narratives present in the book were true accounts of my family’s lives. They lived through difficult times and came out stronger than before. The rest of my family members had their fair share of life’s fun and waves of laughter; however, it is not always sunshine and rainbows. Like everyone else, they experienced exorbitant hardships but withstood such trials and tribulations. I have decided to include their stories because they deserve to be acknowledged and praised for the resilience they showed. I believe that we could learn a thing or two from these stories. Something that we can incorporate into our lives. My beloved family has been my pillar of strength as I continue through life and its uncertainties.

These people have entrusted me with their life stories and looked forward to every draft I had made. They give me advice on some areas of the book that need improvement. For the most part, I would not be able to succeed without the help of certain people in my life. I express my gratitude to them for being an enormous help and a massive part of my writing career.

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About the Author

Rhonda Ann Colia is the youngest of four children. She is happily married to the man of her dreams and has grown children, a daughter, and two stepchildren living their own lives. She grew up helping her mom load the spray rig with water and chemical mixes so her mom could spray the crops of grateful farmers. Rhonda continues pursuing her writing career and is looking forward to publishing her first novel of three.

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