Rhonda Colia ‘The Crop Duster’s Daughter’ Pens A Genuine, Moving Account of A Female Aviator Living

Women who choose to pursue careers in historically male-dominated industries such as aviation face an uphill battle.

Prior to the twentieth century, women are expected to stay at home, care for their children, and keep their homes pristine. They were obliged to rely on their husbands for everything.

The large majority of cultures are patriarchal, with men holding greater economic, social, and political power than women. As a result, it’s easy to believe that this is the natural order of affairs, maybe because men are, on average stronger than women. But this does not correlate with who and which is better.

Women no longer want to be perceived as the weaker gender and desire to demonstrate that women are also capable of accomplishing what men can—especially aviation.

And, to be clear, the basic issue we face is one of power. Normally, power is never given; it must be taken. Living in an era governed by men and a society dominated by men—it is for this reason that having a female aviator or a female succeeding is a rare occurrence that marks one of the important historical moments.

“If you never yield, you can accomplish any goal you set for yourself.”

‘The Crop Duster’s Daughter’ was created by Rhonda Colia to give voice to her mother’s courageous effort to achieve her goal of flying despite living in a male-dominated society, which paved the way for women’s freedom to pursue the job they want—expanding the possibilities for female pilots and pushing them to fly and pursue careers as pilots. Female crop dusters are still a rare breed, but her mother’s efforts have paved their route.

About the Author

Rhonda Ann Colia is the youngest of four children. She is happily married to the man of her dreams and has grown children, a daughter, and two stepchildren living their own lives. She grew up helping her mom load the spray rig with water and chemical mixes so her mom could spray the crops of grateful farmers. Rhonda continues pursuing her writing career and is looking forward to publishing her first novel of three.

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