Rhonda Colia's “The Crop Duster’s Daughter” Receives Positive Reviews

Book reviews are a kind of literary criticism in which remarks about a specific book are communicated. They exist in many forms. It can be either brief or comprehensive book reviews.

Book reviews provide critique and/or an overview of the work: either a reader’s review or a professional’s review. In most cases, the reader’s review is more personal and reveals the reader’s firsthand experience. However, readers’ perspectives on the same book may be vastly different, and it is to everyone’s advantage when a book has a range of readers.

Book reviews have tons of significance. Here are some of them:

Book reviews increase the likelihood of being discovered.

Evaluations of books boost their exposure and likelihood of being discovered by additional readers. On certain websites, books with more book reviews are more likely to be presented to potential readers and purchasers than books with fewer or no book reviews. In addition, book reviews help you attract new readers through book clubs, bookshops, blogging communities, and other channels. It can assist authors in expanding their readership.

Book reviews could increase book sales.

With “The Crop Duster’s Daughter,” I have gained a reader’s review, which could have indirectly influenced my book sales.

Here are some of my reviews:

Nicely written, a great book to read!

I love this glimpse into the life of a pioneering woman and how her moxie still flows through the veins of her daughter.

This is a wonderful story to read about such a strong and fearless lady, written by her loving daughter. I don’t read a lot of books, but this was very easy and delightful to read.

Grab your favorite beverage and sit down to enjoy the recollections of these entertaining remembrances. I highly recommend this book!

Ms. Colia is a talented writer and storyteller. In the ‘Crop-Duster’s Daughter,’ she biographically weaves her way through her childhood, her teenage years, and into adulthood, sharing memories of her life; centered around her mother, who was a pioneer in female aviation--as well as that of other family members that are sometimes fun and adventurous; and at other times, personal and painful. The Crop Dusters Daughter overall is an enjoyable read.

Success begets success. Books with several reviews are popular. Individuals are naturally curious about what appears popular and wish to investigate it for themselves. Consequently, a significant number of good book reviews might have a snowball effect on book sales.

Some writers, aware of this fact, seek to evade the system by paying or creating book reviews. However, this approach is inappropriate. Avoid it. This is unacceptable, and you are superior to it.

Saves Reader’s Time

Book reviews help establish a book’s worth. They lessen the possibility that readers will be dissatisfied with a book that does not meet their expectations. Indeed, book reviews inform potential readers on the subject matter of a book, offer them a feel of how they could react to it, and assist them in determining if this is the right book for them at this time.

About the Book

Mary Leota Mae Burks was born in December of 1918. The first part of the story chronicles the life and adventures of my mother’s obstacles while pioneering careers for women in aviation, especially crop spraying and dusting. The last half of the book tells of how my mom’s teachings and her leading by example influenced my life for the losses I encountered in my adult years.

About the Author

Rhonda Ann Colia is the youngest of four children. She is happily married to the man of her dreams and has grown children, a daughter, and two stepchildren living their own lives. She grew up helping her mom load the spray rig with water and chemical mixes so her mom could spray the crops of grateful farmers. Rhonda continues pursuing her writing career and is looking forward to publishing her first novel of three.

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