My Creative Process for “The Crop Duster’s Daughter”

Writing a book is no easy thing to do. There are plenty of things to take into consideration, and the best asset you can ever have is ingenuity— offering something new and refreshing to the industry while at the same time rendering it relatable to the audience.

Creating this book was a rollercoaster. I had numerous revisions here and there, but eventually, I was able to arrive at the best version of the story. One that is engaging enough and hooks my readers to absorb my book’s plots and lessons.

I took ideas from my personal experiences and found inspiration in honor of my late mother’s memory and endeavors. I wanted to commemorate her life as a pioneering woman by making a book about it. She had been a bold and fearless lady with an unwavering passion for defying the odds and turning tides against stereotypical claims against females being the weaker sex. Chauvinism and male superiority were evident during her generation: however, she held high and didn’t let society dictate her future. Instead of abiding by the norms, she stood her ground and made history by creating avenues and opportunities for female aviation, albeit the said career is rare.

Coming up with an overall idea and theme for my book was challenging. I wanted my book to resonate with my readers like how the story resonated within me. Hence, I use figurative language and imagery to enhance my storytelling further. I figured out how useful it would be to transform ordinary and flat descriptions into more graphic and evocative expressions. I also incorporated different writing styles into my book that I deemed fit for the plot’s development, ensuring that my book is easy and delightful to read to a general audience without sacrificing its artistic qualities.

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About the Author

Rhonda Ann Colia is the youngest of four children. She is happily married to the man of her dreams and has grown children, a daughter, and two stepchildren living their own lives. She grew up helping her mom load the spray rig with water and chemical mixes so her mom could spray the crops of grateful farmers. Rhonda continues pursuing her writing career and is looking forward to publishing her first novel of three.

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